Moss and Ferns.
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Wisconsin | Bon Iver
Every place I go I take another place with me
Love is love’s mystique
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Hatebreed - Not One Truth

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40 Days - Slowdive

"Forty days and I miss you. I’m so high that I’ve lost my mind. It’s the summer I’m thinking of. Forty days and I’m blown away. If I saw something new, I guess I wouldn’t worry. If I saw something new, I guess I wouldn’t care."

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Old songs stay ‘til the end 
Sad songs remind me of friends 
And the way it is, I could leave it all 
And I ask myself, would you care at all?”

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I just want to see this band perform again.

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Ringworm - “Hellbound”

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Jolene- Miley Cyrus

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I used to want to show you every single line,
Now it’s hard for me to show you anything I write.
Know that I get nervous when we’re not alone, 
I wait for you for hours when you’re coming home.

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Jawbreaker - Want

I’m calling out your name, while the chance remains.

I want you.

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this is the first day of my life.

glad I didn’t die before I met you.

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For the weak

Not for the strong
Straight edge cause we don’t want to belong
I’m not going to put myself on the same level as all
The fucking bullshit that i don’t stand for
Smash it

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Sleepyhead - Passion Pit